Welcome to Tabitha Lilly and our hand picked homeware collection, combining vintage pieces with every day essentials to help you find your perfect. Homeware has always been our passion at Tabitha Lilly. We love how a few carefully chosen pieces can transform an empty space into a welcoming room and the impact that has on happiness & wellbeing. 
We believe a great home aesthetic should be timeless in style yet simple to achieve and so each of our pieces will work well standalone or as part of a collection. We don’t believe in fast fashion or overnight trends and so you won’t find any of that here. Each of our pieces should last a lifetime and look great at the same time - better for you and for the environment.   
Our style is a combination of Scandinavian inspired rustic charm and English classic country style, combining neutral textured every day pieces with vintage finds which have developed a rich patina over the years. We’re passionate about searching for incredible pieces from across the world, from everyday essentials such as lamps and cushions to individual vintage furniture finds, to help you create a timeless aesthetic and a home you’ll love. 
What started as a personal endeavour to create the perfect home soon became requests from family and friends to help them find similar pieces and so we’re delighted to have launched Tabitha Lilly to share our passion with you.